Summer 2017 Pennsylvania Heritage magazine

The Summer 2017 issue of Pennsylvania Heritage magazine is available! This summer, enjoy the featured articles

  • “Representing Pennsylvania’s ‘Precious History’: Art of the State 50” by The State Museum of Pennsylvania curator Amy Hammond,
  • “Tough and Determined: Pioneering Newspaper Editor Rebecca F. Gross” by Don Sarvey, and
  • “Philadelphia’s Forgotten Inventor: The Untold Story of Rudolph M. Hunter” by David D. Hursh.

Other great articles, sharing the collections of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission include:

  • “Jackie Ormes: African American Woman Cartoonist” by Karen Galle,
  • “Herb Pennock: Baseball Hall of Famer and World War I Vet” by archivist Richard C. Saylor,
  • “Mount Gretna’s Spirit Lives On” by Bridget McQuate,
  • “Lackawanna Mills and Scranton Button Historic District” by David Maher,
  • “Artful Trails” by Amy Killpatrick Fox,
  • “The Oshnock Archaeology Collection” by Sean Adkins,
  • “Sowing the Seeds of Victory at Polk” by Joshua Stahlman, and
  • “Joseph Plavcan’s Wild Rice” by Kyle R. Weaver.

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